Boys Over Flowers Part 3


Episode Review 7-12

Before I start I want to acknowledge that is has been an extraordinary length of time since my last post on this blog. I have just finished my 3rd year at University and was hit pretty hard by a death earlier this year and havn’t had the time or mood to watch or write about dramas. However, I am back and really itching to get BOF done because boy do I have a long list to get through.

Episode 7

Favourite Scenes:

After everything goes wrong and Jun Pyo makes it clear that he does not want to see Jan Di any more. So the only logical thing the girl can do is… follow the boy back to his house and force him to listen. I almost died of laughter at the scene between Jan Di and Jun Pyo, first his shocked face that she managed to get there so fast and then as he childishly runs from her before jumping in a car and driving off. Jun Pyo really is a five year old trapped in a man’s body at times and this is the perfect example of such. However, things don’t really work out for him as this marks the arrival of his sister, Jun Hee played by the gorgeous Kim Hyun Joo. The car chase begins before she forces him from the road and beats the shit out of him with what appears to be a stick she keeps in her car O.o I love the sister however and her threatening to ban Jun Pyo from his own house if he doesn’t shut up is priceless.

Jun Pyo sisterJun Pyo sister

The movie scene between Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo. This scene really establishes the type of friendship the two of them have and allows us to see that even in F4, these two are particularly close. Jun Pyo meets Ji Hoo at a private cinema, which plays a movie that Ji Hoo states they have watched together many times before and you see how much it hurts both of them that their friendship is on the rocks. Ji Hoo tells Jun Pyo to leave Jan Di alone and tells him he will protect her no matter what. Jun Pyo is furious (and oh sooo jealous), barely controlling his temper and as he leaves he tells Ji Hoo that “If you were a friend that remembered we’ve watched it 11 times together, then something like this wouldn’t have happened.” Oh the pain of this scene, I just want to lock them in a room together and refuse to let them out until they’re all buddy buddy again.

29941979tg7Jun Pyo gets a face full of soup after his sister has had enough of his cocky behaviour. Am I a bad person for loving the scenes where Jun Hee smacks her brother back into place? There is no end to the lols and even Yi Jung and Woo Bin can’t help but giggle.


My ultimate favourite in this episode is without a doubt when Jun Pyo meets Jan Di in the park outside her home. He asks her “Why did it have to be Ji Hoo?” before putting everything on the line including his pride and pulling Jan Di into a hug tells her “It’s still not too late. Just one word, that you like me”. What a way to end an episode.

junji hug


All the boys in F4 are incredibly loyal to one another and it’s interesting to see how they deal with betrayal between them. Yi Jung obviously sides with Jun Pyo, also seeing Ji Hoo’s actions as a personal betrayal. On the other hand Woo Bin is very much torn and whilst he sticks with Jun Pyo, he tries to convince him to change his mind about booting Ji Hoo from F4. I wish I had a group of friends as loyal and caring, I’m sure not many people do.

I love the different competitions that Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo compete in. It really shows the extent of their wealth, though it also allows us to see that they aren’t good at everything… well almost, despite being bat-shit scared of driving or cars in general, Ji Hoo seems to have pretty good control of that vehicle. Horse riding, driving and finally swimming, F4 are gorgeous no matter what they do 😀

Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo in their riding gear 😀 They look their parts; rich boys who have been riding all their lives but all of this is definitely overshadowed by Jun Pyo’s overall loss. Despite winning the first competition after never having beaten Ji Hoo before, Jun Pyo loses his horse because of his own competitiveness. It’s quite interesting to see both boys after, as despite his lose Ji Hoo is in good spirits and spends the afternoon with Jan Di. Jun Pyo on the other hand, despite winning is devastated and his win means very little.

horse race jihoo fiiiine

During the second competition we finally get to see a bit more into Ji Hoo’s past. His nightmare is sooo sad and had me chocking up. I can’t stand to see kids cry and knowing it was Ji Hoo was just like ten times worse. Ji Hoo is shown screaming and crying beside a burning wreck, covered in blood. If that doesn’t get to you… then you don’t have a heart >.< Also, the part where we see Ji Hoo sitting in the car and desperately fighting with himself, shows just how messed up about this he is. One question though… how the hell does he go from a trembling mess sitting in a stationary car to driving round a race track in such a short period O.o Determination, I guess…


Poor Jun Pyo! Things just don’t get much better for him as Ji Hoo takes advantage of his friends jealousy. I forgive Ji Hoo for this simply because he told Jun Pyo he would do anything to protect Jan Di and he is following through on that but the look on Jun Pyo’s face each time is just painful T_T If it were me and my best friend and boyfriend… I would be throwing the biggest wobbly over it and probably being much meaner and childish than Jun Pyo… if that’s possible >.< Ji Hoo realises that he can use this jealousy after he sees Jun Pyo spin out on the track simply because Jan Di and he are chatting happily. Then just before the big race, Ji Hoo gives Jan Di a kiss on the forehead and Jun Pyo watches on in horror before completely blowing the whole race. Ji Hoo’s words however are so sweet: “Jun Pyo, I’m sorry. Even like this I want to protect her.” This is about the time where I find myself staring in horror at my Jun-Jan ship and my Ji-Jan ship whilst I float around in the middle, unable to chose which one I want more… the fact that I know the Ji-Jan ship is doomed to sink means nothing to me.


Episode 8

Favourite Scenes:

This one starts off where the last episode left off; with Jun Pyo’s desperate decision to give Jan Di another chance and asking for a confession. It’s all he needs and then he will let this whole thing go and you can tell Jan Di wants to say it but in true frustrating-lead-female character, she  breaks his heart once again along with her own as she refuses to tell him what he so desperately needs to hear. Jun Pyo warns her it’s her last chance but you can tell he is angry, hurt and in disbelief. Jan Di gives him nothing and tells him she’s fine with that before being left alone to desperately repeat “no regrets, no regrets” to herself.
“I like you” IS THAT SO HARD!?! HE’S NOT ASKING FOR MUCH >.< My heart breaks all over again and I’m left with the strong urge to throw Jan Di across the room, or at the very least my computer.

The final competition comes to an abrupt end when Jun Pyo, unable to deal with whatever the outcome was, plunges the entire swimming pool into darkness before walking out. The next day we see Jun Pyo sulking in bed whilst Yi Jung and Woo Bin attempt to get him up and at ’em. When nothing seems to work, they casually talk about Ji Hoo and Jan Di’s date that day which of course peaks Jun Pyo’s interest. If Jun Pyo being jealous isn’t adorable, I don’t know what is! He flails around in bed before his two loyal friends rush over to get him up. It’s just an entire scene of squishy cuteness!

YJ WB JP cuteYJ WB JP Cute 2

The sad sad sadness that is the Ji-Jan date >.< I think it is at this point that Ji Hoo really comes to the realisation that he’s lost Jan Di to Jun Pyo when he takes her back to his house after their date. Jun Pyo of course has stalked them throughout the day and is seen pacing outside Ji Hoo’s home, obviously not liking what is going on kicking innocent trees kekeke I laughed at his fail.

Ji Hoo happens to see Jun Pyo on his fancy security system and finds his friend rather amusing. However, things are increasingly awkward for Jan Di and Ji Hoo and who can blame the girl. I’d be awkward too if I walked into my date’s house and found what appeared to be shrine to his last great love and a giant blown up picture of her on the wall O.o Ji Hoo, that’s just creepy. Ji Hoo then goes in for the kiss but is ‘artfully’ dodged. The disappointment on his face is plain to see and I war with myself about whether I want her to kiss him or not. Poor Jun Pyo is outside freezing his arse off!!

kiss dodge

Ji Hoo then pretends to fall asleep, which is exactly what you want your date doing *eyeroll* and Jan Di has the chance to say goodbye to her first love. MAJOR OUCH!! Jun Pyo then leaves the scene, missing his chance to see Jan Di head out and Ji Hoo is left to wallow in his misery. And if he won’t, I’ll do it for him. T_T

pretend sleep

The Ice Hockey scene!!!! I fell in love with Ji Hoo all over again for what he does in this scene… despite the horrible outfits. Ice hockey uniforms just aren’t flattering >.<

Ji Hoo calls the F4 members for a game of Ice Hockey before he royally pisses off Jun Pyo by pretending to be the bad guy. There’s something strangely hot about a mean Ji Hoo O.o But he totally deserves what he gets as he tells Jun Pyo that he’s sick of Jan Di and that he ditched her because she was easy. My reaction? OH NO HE DIDN’T!! And Jun Pyo must be thinking about the same because he is out to kill as the game begins, quickly ending when he catches Ji Hoo and pummels him into the ice. Jun Pyo shows how much he still cares and Yi Jung and Woo Bin attempt to pull the two friends apart. Probably thinking something along the lines of “Shit, not this again.”

Jun Pyo yells at Ji Hoo ” If you hurt Jan Di, I don’t care whether you’re a friend or not, I’m going to kill you.” and Ji Hoo finally lets on to his evil plan with “You could have said that sooner.” Bwhaha Ji Hoo has a mischievous side to him and I like it 😀

JH JP Ice Fight Ji Hoo Ice Jun Pyo Ice

Not long after the scene on the ice, we follow Jan Di as she madly rushes to a hospital room, one shoe missing and distressed. Jun Pyo is found lying (in the biggest hospital bed I have ever seen) unconscious as Ji Hoo and Yi Jung stand by solemnly and Woo Bin yells through tears at his unmoving friend. Jan Di in a desperate attempt to get a reaction from Jun Pyo admits she had lied previously and that she wanted to tell him the truth about her feelings and that she regrets sending him away. She sobs over the bed only to have Jun Pyo open his eyes with a grin.

It seems the boys aren’t out of mean pranks and forms of manipulation just yet as they set the entire thing up to trick Jan Di. I would have punched the whole lot of them if it were me >.< They all burst into laughter and Jan Di turns to Ji Hoo obviously unable to believe he would be apart of this but he all says is “Sorry, but both of you are so stubborn” (Which I can’t agree with more!!) Jan Di then proceeds to beat Jun Pyo up as Ji Hoo leaves the room.

I didn’t think my heart could break more for the boy but of course I was wrong. Ji Hoo’s true feelings about giving Jan Di back to Jun Pyo become obvious as we watch him leave with a sad but resigned expression.

  hosptialtrick  hospital lols

More lols come in the form of Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s date. Jun Pyo takes her golfing and I spent the entire time laughing at Jan Di’s fails and enthusiasm. She even manages to smack a bodyguard(?) in the head with her golf club after she sends it sailing through the air in what has to be the worst swing in history. The guard is casually carried off and Jan Di is not discouraged, hitting her ball into a sand pit and then into a pond. Jan Di is determined to retrieve the ball and despite it being the middle of winter with snow on the ground, she strips off her shoes and goes to follow the ball in. Jun Pyo has had enough at this point and carries her off to the approval of all present.

golf date

Honourable Mentions: This episode was sooooo full of awesome moments that I feel like barely any of it was covered. So quick props to…

  1. Yi Jung’s suprise-we’re-friends-again punch to Ji Hoo stomach. Boys are weird >.< but it made me smile at how simple it was for them to move on after everything was over.suprise punchfriends again
  2. Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s awkward car moment. It’s such cute young love, both of them have no idea what to do. And the almost kiss!! I felt like shoving their heads together and screaming “KISS GOD DAMMIT!!”awkward
  3. Jan Di avoiding Jun Pyo like the plague after their date and coffee with Ji Hoo, who looks so cutely confused when she runs off because Jun Pyo’s coming. He’s probably thinking ‘what the hell is going on with those two now!’.
  4. And finally, Jun Pyo comes to stay at Jan Di’s house…. that track suit is just tragic *shakes head* but he looks good in everything.

tragic tracksuit


The swimming competition… well whilst tight swimming outfits are a complete OK with me, swimming caps and goggles, not so much. I have yet to see anyone on the face of this planet who looks good with a swimming cap on and if it didn’t happen here, I doubt it ever will.

I would also like to point out those dives… well since the drama never tries to pass F4 off as champion swimmers, I’ll let it pass but seriously O.O those were some of the worst dives I’ve ever seen. Watching with my mother had me cringing because the look she shot me was of  no surprise (my mother is a firm believer that most Asians can’t swim and watching dramas has yet to change her mind. Mind you, watching Bondi Rescue she may be onto something…) Ji Hoo did some weird leg flop thing and Yi Jung just flung himself into the water. I see many belly flops in their futures 😛

swimming 1
Jun Pyo shows just how considerate he can be and how much he cares when he sends the dinner to Jan Di’s parents after the restaurant debacle. He sees how much it means to her and acts. God if I had a man that good I would never let him go. Jun Pyo is just a big soft teddy bear under all the (hopefully) fake fur and bad hair 😀

Episode 9

Favourite Scenes:

Jan Di leaves the pools near the beginning of episode 9 to find Ji Hoo waiting for her. Ji Hoo is absolutely adorable as he gives Jan Di his beanie for her wet hair though I know others such as my best friend  got very annoyed with the man for still being so close with Jan Di after everything that had happened. I on the other hand see that their friendship has become something important to them both and even though Ji Hoo still has incredible feelings for Jan Di, he will not act on them again for the sake of her and his best friend. As she walks away we see that he still has her gloves which were left behind after their one and only date.


One of Jun Pyo’s cutest moments is as he struggles with himself about calling Jan Di who he hasn’t seen since the date. When his phone suddenly rings, Jun Pyo is instructed by Yi Jung to play it cool and relax. However Jun Pyo answers Jan Di acting so overly cool and nonchalant that he pretends to not even remember who Jan Di is, leading to multiple facepalms amongst his friends. There really is no hope for this boy >.< He continues by informing Jan Di that he has been so busy that he “didn’t remember you haven’t called for 3 days 18 hours.” I can’t help but giggle at Yi Jung’s response to this with his “Hey man, woah, woah”. Jun Pyo on the other hand seems mighty proud of himself for turning down Jan Di’s request for a double date whilst Yi Jung seems pretty interested in knowing if it is Ga Eul going on this double date and even suggests he goes LOL.

After the disaster of the double date which Jun Pyo couldn’t keep himself away from and Jan Di and Ga Eul find out exactly what type of a guy Ga Eul’s date is (and Jan Di gives him one of her legendary kicks to the face) we find poor Ga Eul crying on the street. Yi Jung who happens to be passing at the time can’t seem to make himself ignore her and goes to make sure she is okay despite everything he is dealing with himself. His efforts don’t get him far however and I seriously died of laughter as he informed her she isn’t pretty when she cries. That’s just what a girl needs when she has been emotionally scarred by one male, to be told she isn’t pretty by another >.< Yi Jung, you fool! He suffers the consequences however as she cries even louder and people start to stare as he desperately begs her to stop crying whilst trying to assure those shooting him dirty looks that “it’s not me!”. Poor Yi Jung haha, he really doesn’t know what to do.

Ga Eul Crying 1 Ga Eul crying 2

Jan Di, after realising that Jun Pyo is not at fault for how the double date ended, goes to him to make a very embarrassed and reluctant apology. Seriously, I wish she would start to trust him more often and then these issues wouldn’t keep happening! However, as Jan Di enters the room, Jun Pyo doesn’t see her behind him and the mischievous Woo Bin and Ji Hoo lead Jun Pyo into a verbal trap, getting him to declare that he will not forgive her. *shakes head* these guys seriously make me laugh as they then tell Jan Di it’s no use. Jun Pyo finally realises she’s there as she goes to make an exit before stopping her. This is one of those awkward moments between the two teenagers which is just adorable. The apple apology is an adorable play on words and so is how flustered Jun Pyo gets as Jan Di ‘grants’ his three wishes. It another moment of laughs as Ji Hoo eats Jun Pyo’s ‘apology’. I love how easy it is for Jun Pyo’s friends to wind him up. The guy really is too easy 😀


The final moment I chose from this episode is the first kiss between Jun Pyo and Jan Di in the park of lights. I simply thought this was cute and romantic and helps Jun Pyo to realise that it isn’t the cost of things that matter, it’s the thought behind them as Jan Di struggles for words. Jun Pyo is obviously pleased with this and we finally get to see more of Jun Pyo’s traumatic childhood and the loneliness he suffered as a child, explaining why he loves spending time with her family so much. Just makes you want to hug the boy, because that is actually what he seems like at times; a small vulnerable child.

Park lights Play ground lights


Jan Di’s family despite being poor are extremely happy  and enjoy (most) of their time together. During Jun Pyo’s time with them they make kimchi, visit the public baths/sauna, eat meals together and share street food. There are times during these scenes that remind me of my own family and make me smile 😀 Though mind you, my family do not sit around the table for breakfast, it’s usually grabbing toast as we run out the door for work/class or missing breakfast all together because I’ll be honest with you, sleep is sooo more important than breakfast >.< but anyway Yay for the emphasis on family relations in this drama.

Family breakfast

Eating intestines on the double date… I agree with Jun Pyo wholeheartedly BLEHHHH!!! *feels queasy* The whole time I was like “Don’t do it. DON’T YOU DARE DO IT!…. NOOOOO” >.< Just ain’t my cup of tea *shudders*

Finally, we learn a bit more about  the life of Yi Jung and the absolutely screwed up family he comes from. HIS FATHER IS A REAL PIECE OF WORK! and his mother cares nothing for her son in my opinion. No wonder he’s the play he is. The poor boy *hugs* I seriously felt like I had been punched in the gut seeing my poor smiley-guy all sad T_T

Episode 10

Favourite Scenes:

You can’t talk about this episode without mentioning the little side story between Yi Jung and Ga Eul and how he helps her get revenge against the crappy guy who hurt her. I can forgive the corny saxophone part because Yi Jung simply melts my heart at he coaches Ga Eul through it all after giving her an awesome makeover. Where’s the guy who will dress me up in gorgeous dresses and pay for my hair and makeup to be professionally done?? Apparently in Korean drama-land. Seriously though, she looks stunning. Ga Eul declares she doesn’t know the skeezy bastard to his utter shock *fist pumps* and Yi Jung announces to the entire club that she is the one who has stolen his heart. Man, he doesn’t do anything by halfs, does he? He proves this further by insisting they continue the act awhile longer as they walk home and he wraps his scarf around her neck. Fluffiness to the extreme and the hint of a new beginning.

 Club ga eul yi jungGa Eul Yi Jung scarf

Next we have a little romance between Jun Pyo and Jan Di as she presents him with the valentines chocolates and he is so immensely pleased that you can’t help but love the guy just that little bit more… if it’s even possible at this point. He won’t even share them with Jan Di so later on when Ji Hoo takes a bite out of one, I died of laughter at Jun Pyo’s reaction. That adorable little part with Jun Pyo calling Ji Hoo from outside his house only  to realise Ji Hoo is standing right there watching him is also a moment to make you smile  because GAH I LOVE THEIR FRIENDSHIP!!

Ji Hoo Chocolates

Once again the power of family as Jan Di’s mother sticks it to bitch-mama as she tips the bowl of salt(?) over her head after the HORRID woman calls her daughter a weed and offers them money to stay away from her son. I totally did a fist pump at this moment even if she did ruin it moments later by declaring they could get a lot more money if Jan Di married Jun Pyo *facepalm*.


Short by sweet, Ji Hoo declares himself Jan Di’s fireman. One of my favourite moments in the entire drama.Jan Di: When ever the emergency bell in my heart starts to ring, you always appear sunbae.
Ji Hoo: Bell? Like a fire alarm? Then make me it. Geum Jan Di’s honourable firefighter.”
I personally think Ji Hoo would make one damn sexy fireman.

Finally is the scene when Jan Di gets embarrassed as her family is caught selling food on the side of the road (after bitch-face mother destroys their buisness GRRRRR) and despite being ordered by his mother not to go after her, Jun Pyo gets from the car and plants one right on her lips *celebrates* YAY, GO JUN PYO!!! This is how a man should be, not on his mother’s leash!

road sideroad side kiss


Oh Yi Jung, you were doing so well and then you had to go and ruin it with your player ways! Poor Ga Eul has obviously started to like the guy (what  a hard and bumpy road that is going to be) and he embarresses her in a heartless way as he plays around with two girls who are so not as pretty as Ga Eul. She leaves upset AS ANY GIRL WOULD! and he chases her only to say “this is why nice girls are annoying” before taking the chocolates. Personally I’d smack him over the head with the chocolates and show him just how ‘nice’ I was but Ga Eul is far too gentle for this.

Yi Jung  assGa Eul chocolates

Ji Hoo meets Jan Di at one of her many new jobs and worries about her as she shows signs of exhaustion with her nose starting to bleed *_* I think this part is once again an example of exactly how much Ji Hoo cares for her as he expresses that he is envious of Jun Pyo. The poor boy likes to torture himself.

Jan Di nose bleedJan Di bleed

Episode 11

Favourite Scenes:

Jan Di has grown close to a new guy (Ha Je / Jae Ha played by Jung Eui Chul) who she finds she can relate to and who is helping her get work. To avoid explaining this to Jun Pyo, she lies to him about why she doesn’t want to go to Japan, claiming it is Ga Eul’s birthday and stating her friend is more important. However, it is poor Yi Jung who is fooled by this lie and he embarrasses himself by going off to buy Ga Eul flowers and an elaborate cake only to present them to her and receive confusion in return *facepalm* aaaawkwaaaaaard! I feel bad for the guy truly but he totally had it coming after the stunt he pulled in the last episode. SUFFER!!

Ga Eul bday

Once again we get to see more of Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo’s  adorable friendship fast becoming one of my favourite things about the drama as Jun Pyospends the night at Ji Hoo’s whinging and whining about Jan Di much to Ji Hoo’s amusement. Ji Hoo even tucks him into bed once the whinging man has fallen to sleep ^_^

JP sleep

Jun Pyo finds out about Jae Ha and cue massive fight. Jun Pyo beats the shit out of Jae Ha as the manipulative man taunts him. Jan Di eventually declares she has had enough… of everything to do with F4 (LIKE WHAT?!) and Jun Pyo leaves followed closely by the rest of F4 with Ji Hoo throwing Jan Di a look as he passes because really, he had warned her and he did everything to help these two get it together and now she is throwing it all away for some guy she barely knows. *beat Jan Di round the head for being so bloody frustrating* a little communication at this point would go a long way but noooooo.

Jae Ha beaten

After the Red F4 card fiasco and everything that comes with it, Jae Ha takes an unconscious Jan Di back to his home and places her in his bed. He goes in for a kiss because he is that much of a creep but is distracted by a phone call and all is revealed. Slimey good for nothing butt face is in cahoots with the evil mother and we see a picture of him and his identical (played by the same actor) brother.

Jae Ha brother

Jae Ha then reveals just how bloody  crazy he is to Jan Di but also reveals just how attached he has grown to her as he tries to get her to give up on Jan Di who now chooses to have faith in Jun Pyo and deny that he would ever hurt her. Jae Ha hugs Jan Di as he declares they understand each other and come from the same world but is slapped as he tries to kiss her. Jan Di makes for the door but is knocked out by Jae Ha with chloroform. This guy is simply coo-coo.

Jae ha kiss Chloroform



When Jan Di goes to model the first time, I question how she is not instantly alarmed or suspicious. If the location didn’t give it away, alarm bells would have been screaming in my head at the creepy blindfolded teddy bears and the not-so-subtly creepy men.

Freaky modelling

Despite hating the evil  model/student Jae Ha that befriends Jan Di to get to Jun Pyo, you have to feel for him and his reasons behind his intentions. He is obviously very close with his brother and when we learn that his brother is the boy that Jan Di saved in the first episode as he tried to commit suicide, you are able to finally understand him and perhaps sympathise. He is crazy as hell but he does it out of love. I know if somebody had done that to my brother or sister, I wouldn’t have had the patience to do what he did, I probably would have gone after them that day with a gun… I’m not crazy >.> It is also cute that his brother had continued to talk about Jan Di after that day. I feel like F4 never really admit to the extreme damage they have caused to others through their childish past.

When the members of F4 realise that both Jan Di and Jun Pyo are missing, they begin a frantic search and one thing that baffles me is the phone call Ji Hoo makes… on his motorbike… with his helmet on…. HOW THE HELL CAN HE HEAR ANYTHING? I need this explained. My aunt use to ride a motorbike and I’m pretty sure you could not hear the phone through the helmet.

Ji Hoo helmet phone

Episode 12

Favourite Scenes:

Jun Pyo, despite how mad he is at Jan Di or how much she has hurt him, still cares for her because he is just an awesome guy and comes to her rescue only to get his ass kicked as he refuses to fight back whilst Jan Di sits tied to a chair and screaming.
“I don’t want to die but it can’t be helped if you kill me.”
Jae Ha and his thugs attempt to take a chair too Jun Pyo and at this point Jan Di jumps forward to protect him. Can no one in Korea tie someone up properly? I suppose it’s not really something you want many people to be able to do but why, if she wasn’t tied to the chair properly, did she wait for this moment to jump forward. The drama of it, I suppose. Jun Pyo  holds her unconscious form and F4 finally come to the rescue and KICK ASS! I love the differences in their fighting styles, Yi Jung is almost dignified as he fights whilst Ji Hoo doesn’t actually throw punches but takes those suckers down. Jun Pyo all the while refuses to release Jan Di’s unconscious form.

Jun Pyo rescuee Jun Pyo protect


The F4 take Jan Di and Ga Eul on a ski trip and… Ji Hoo is such a loner >.< We knew previously that he enjoyed his quiet alone time but seriously, who sits reading when there is skiing to be enjoyed? Jun Pyo and Jan Di are obviously having fun and it’s good to see them enjoying themselves and still squabbling.


Yi Jung saves Ga Eul from a wayward snow boarder and it is simply adorable despite the cheesiness of it because HA Yi Jung you so totally care!! It’s adorable.
Yi Jung Ga Eul
Jun Pyo climbs the mountain to save Jan Di after yet another misunderstanding between the two >.< DEAR LORD WORK IT OUT PEOPLE! but he once again comes to the rescue when he hears she has gone up the mountain in a blizzard to find the necklace he gave her. At least she is showing how much she cares these days. The two of them end up in a wood cabin to take shelter from the storm and they strip their wet clothes off and snuggle for warmth *drools over Jun Pyo* Meanwhile all their friends are concerned as they fail to return with Ji Hoo even declaring he is going after them only to be stopped by the others. When he finds out that the mean threesome; Ginger, Sunny and Miranda are responsible for the whole mess and we see just how angry Ji Hoo gets when people mess with the people he cares about.

Wood Cabin Kiss

Jan Di makes Jun Pyo a luch box upon their return and prepares for their date. She sits waiting and reminiscing with a smile for Jun Pyo whilst we see that the news is reporting that Jun Pyo’s father is in a critical condition. Ji Hoo shows up to pick up Jan Di and rushes her to the airport to try and see Jun Pyo before he flies overseas for the company and his father. They don’t make it in time and my heart aches for her as she cries that she hadn’t had a chance to tell Jun Pyo how she feels whilst Ji Hoo holds her. Jun Pyo from the plane sends her a text “I’ll be back soon, wait for me.”

Honourable Mention:

The Hospital scene between Jan Di and Jun Pyo as Jun Pyo declares that he would rather all of his ribs broken than a single finger of Jan Di’s. He then chastises her for jumping in when “I was purposely getting beaten to death”. The scene ends with Ji Hoo standing outside Jan Di’s hospital room with flowers listening to them arguing before smiling and leaving the flowers outside the door. T_T I still feel the pain of Ji Hoo’s loss!


We see how much Jan Di’s father cares for her after he tells her it’s okay to take the money back that her mother excepted after her father was taken by loan sharks (talk about bad bloody luck). He really is a soft character who wants the best for his children and he knows how much Jan Di has started to care for Jun Pyo.

Ji Hoo is just a Guardian Angel in this drama as he helps Jan Di numerous times this episode. It can’t be easy for him either, makes me totally wince at times in pity for him. He assures Jan Di after her meeting with the evil frog faced mother, appearing with a “You called 911, I came to put out the fire” which I absolutely love. He helps set up the chance for Jun Pyo to give the necklace to Jan Di which is adorable because Jun Pyo was in serious trouble if he was going to insist on calling the thing a collar *shakes head* and abviously the rest of F4 were concerned about this as well, winding him up as they often do. He is also the one who returns the necklace to the couple and essentially hands Jan Di to Jun Pyo all over again after the evil threesome steal it.


Finally, the adorable bromance which raises it’s head numerous times throughout the drama and almost has me rooting for them to get together if I didn’t love Ga Eul so much because really, Woo Bin needs somebody! At the ski resort we see the two of them heading to the slopes and walking with their hands around each other, touching each others neck and back…. weird vibes going on here, I’m telling you.






Boys Over Flowers Part 2


Episode Review – 1-6

Episode 1


  • This drama gets into it quickly and I liked how each element was introduced, from the Shinhwa company, to the school and the characters themselves. Can I just say, I wish my high school had been like that… Not the bullying and all that bad stuff O.O but boy do they have it easy. Horses and golf buggies to carry you around (Not to mention the pretty boys ;D ) I WAS DEPRIVED!! Boys Over Flowers goes to a whole nother level with the excessive materialism and it really does create a world of its own.
  • The poor guy getting his ass kicked by the other students has some real fight in him and I can’t help but be horrified every time by the sheer severity of the violence against him (anyone else wonder what he did to piss off Jun Pyo? Probably looked at him too long >.<). How exactly has nobody ever said anything about this before?? I suppose there is the fear of ‘I’ll be next’ but seriously, so many of them join in and standing and watching as another human being jumps from a roof… that’s just sick!! Not all rich people can be horrible, right?
  • Now, I have seen all three versions of this drama and finally they give me a good explanation for a common girl to be studying at an elite rich persons school >.< (Not that I don’t love the other versions. All three are amazing in their own ways.)
  • I love the interaction between Jan Di and Min Ha (bullied kid) on the rooftop as Jan Di is completely oblivious to the situation. His admiration of her is obvious as she rants and raves about the unfairness of the situation. From the start I have loved Jan Di’s expressions and way of talking. But then he jumps and DEAR GOD HOW STRONG IS SHE?? Am I the only one who raised an eyebrow as a young female manages to hold onto a male who is dangling off the side of a rooftop? Well, better her than me, I would have dropped him almost instantly and then that would be the end of my story >.<

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  • Jun Pyo’s evil mother makes an appearance (You can just tell that woman is a piece of work right off the get go. The actress plays the role incredibly well) and we get to see Jan Di’s family. I always thought my family were loud but damn! Then again, Jan Di isn’t exactly a quiet person.


  • One of my favourite minor characters in this drama would have to be the evil mother’s head secretary. You can tell that right from the start he likes Jan Di (and the man is totally a JunDi shipper :P)tumblr_kp3vwrzqcg1qa1u7eo1_500
  • Arriving in a helicopter Jun Pyo? Nice 😀 The scenes of each of the F4 Members is quick and to the point, showing their high class lifestyle and the fact that their wardrobes are about 10 times the size of mine (excuse my Australian but, not happy Jan)
  • The constant screaming as F4 enter rooms and their perfect formation and slow mo walking. Why, oh why didn’t the boys at my school look more like them. Instead I got unshaven, awkward boys who always smelt like they’d bathed in Lynx. Teenage boys just don’t look like that unfortunately *sigh*
  • The red cards… the reaction of the students when a red card is received and their obvious excitement makes me wonder one thing, IS THERE NOTHING ELSE GOING ON IN THESE PEOPLE’S LIVES?!? Its like they hang around like flies waiting for the next chance to swoop. I feel sorry for them *nods head* yep I do.
    red card
  • Jan Di is obviously one of my favourite characters and the way that the actor has exaggerated her expressions and even her walk never fails to bring a smile to my face. You can’t tell me that when Jan Di’s obvious emotional displays aren’t amusing 😀


  • Now when I first watched this drama with my mother, she had some serious issues pronouncing the characters names and remembering them. This was back in the day when she’d never watched a Korean drama before, now she powers through them quicker than I do >.< I created a monster. So in the beginning when we wanted to talk about the drama, my mother, friends, sister and I gave each of the main characters new names. F4 quickly became made up of Curly Haired Dude, Pretty Boy, Gangster Guy and Smiley Guy… I think it’s pretty obvious who’s who.
    Does anyone else think that Kim Bum has the prettiest smile they have ever seen? *jumps up and down* I DO!!! I would re-watch scenes just to see that smile over and over again. That is just a drop dead gorgeous, melt your heart, make you dizzy and turn you in to a mushy puddle of fangirl, smile *dreams about that smile*

Favourite Scenes:

  • The simple and quick scene of Jan Di and Ji Hoo’s first meeting as Ji Hoo plays the violin. Okay, I admit that I may have some bias going on with Hyun Joong through out this drama but HE IS SO PRETTY!! Though I gotta say, don’t love the hair *shakes head*


  • F4’s entrance, Jun Pyo’s first temper tantrum and the arrival of the mean girls. Don’t worry Jun Pyo, us girls know the pain of showing up in the same outfit, but usually we console our selves through the whole ‘I wear it better’ mantra in our heads. We do not pour drink all down their front… as much as we wish we could O.o This is followed by the arrival of… OH MY GOD Ginger, Sunny and Miranda. I know these girls are suppose to be mean girls (and they technically are) but I find them to be a bit of comic relief hehe


  • Ji Hoo’s encounter/s with Jan Di on the balcony. Ah, the ever sleepy F4 member who always seems to be off doing his own thing, hears Jan Di rant her guts out over the school balcony. Ji Hoo is gorgeous in his all his sleepy glory *dazes off*
  • Jan Di smacks Jun Pyo in the face with an ice cream 😀 How could this not be one of my favourites? I love everything about this scene, from Jun Pyo’s shocked face, to Yi Jung and Woo Bin’s  amused expressions. I thought the play of emotions on Ji Hoo’s face were perfect, the way he smiles almost proudly that the loud girl from the balcony is finally not taking any of Jun Pyo’s crap. The way that smile just melts away as Jun Pyo orders Jan Di to lick his shoe before he looks away, unable to watch when he thinks she’s about to do it and finally the shocked then smiling face when she smacks Jun Pyo right in the smacker with that ice cream.
  • Though I began to watch this drama for Hyun Joong and there are probably moments where you can tell that by reading this >.> Jun Pyo was the character that grew on me slowly, gradually roping me in until I was quietly rooting for him to get the girl in my head. The scene where Jan Di gets egged and floured before we watch Jun Pyo cockily count down the moment before she’ll come crawling to him whilst the others laugh at his failure, this scene was one of those very first moments where my heart softened just that little bit for the boy. That look on his face when he realises she just ain’t gonna show… kekeke

    Jan DI egged

  • That dreadful scene between Yi Jung and the chef he manages to seduce with his terrible English always gets me giggling, first because the obvious cheesiness of Yi Jung then because of her own awkward English… is it just me or do Caucasians in Korean dramas just suck at English? Not that what they are saying is wrong… most the time. It’s more about how they are saying it. *throws hands up in confusion* I don’t get it but throughout countless dramas with slow awkwardly spoken English, my mother, sister and I have found many many laughs, this being one of our favourites.

    Episode 2


  • Well, the whole school is out for Jan Di’s blood and rumours are flying around the school and even somehow making it on the internet where Jan Di’s brother reads that a girl at Shinhwa high school is pregnant O.o Boy am I glad rumours didn’t fly round like that at my school.
  • After Jan Di has vented her anger on Jun Pyo’s face, we see Jun Pyo come to a shocking conclusion. Never fails to make me laugh 😀 I really do think that Jan Di kicked him too hard and it’s clear from the look on Yi Jung and Woo Bin’s faces that they agree. Jun Pyo comes to the conclusion that Jan Di must like him and consoles himself that she is only this way because she can’t resist him. Way to sooth your wounded ego Jun Pyo ;P This is a perfect example of the life Jun Pyo has been living where everyone grovels fearfully at his feet and nobody disobeys or rejects him. He just doesn’t get what’s going on.


  • Jan Di gets her makeover from Jun Pyo. I have heard a lot of people say that they didn’t like Jan Di’s makeover and they thought that the show could have done better but I have to say I disagree. I loved Jan Di’s makeover at this point, more so than the later one. Her hair is gorgeous long and the dress is beautiful yet elegant, the shoes are to die for and I love the star themed jewellery. It is an absolute change for Jan Di and I couldn’t have been happier


  • One of the things that really bugged me in this episode was the question Jan Di asks Ji Hoo and his answer. When asked if there is anything in this world that can’t be brought, Ji Hoo gives the answer of air… was I the only one who was dissatisfied with this? I wanted something… more. When Ji Hoo answered with ‘air’ all I could think was people buy  air tanks >.< for scuba diving, for illness, hospitals, mountain climbing, etc. *sigh* I’m just being picky.
  • Towards the end of the episode Jan Di attends a party with the rest of her class mates and shows up dressed as Wonder Woman only to be embarrassed when she realises it’s not fancy dress. My question… why believe the mean girls? This is one of those moments when I just have to face palm at Jan Di’s naivete.


Favourite Scenes:

  • This episode starts off when Jan Di is attacked in the changing rooms after her swim and makes it onto my list of favourite moments when Ji Hoo comes to the rescue 😀 I love how Hyun Joong plays this moment, as he seems entirely unsurprised by the situation before him and casually begins to question Jan Di about the pancake recipe whilst the attackers still have hold of her. First time I watched this drama I wondered how he could be so heartless and uncaring but the more I came to understand the character the more I realised that the guy who usually interferes with nothing, is in his own way showing that he has already taken an interest in her.


  • Ji Hoo shows off his creepiness as he is shown hugging and pressing his face against a poster at a local bus stop. The picture is of the woman he loves and yet I still find this mildly creepy >.> … okay very creepy O.o If I were Jan Di and I came across a guy from school rubbing his face on a bus stop, I’d back away slowly and get my butt out of there. However even with all his creepiness, Ji Hoo still manages to melt my heart. Don’t worry Ji Hoo! If she doesn’t want you, I’ll have you!! 😀


  • Jan Di kicks butt in this episode when enough is enough and she pulls a spinning back kick to Jun Pyo’s face. The look on his face after this has got to be one of my favourite moments ever! I am so glad that they chose Min Ho for this role because he really does rock at pulling off the egotistic bad boy who really is just a big squishy marsh mellow child inside.


  • Oh God it made me laugh when Jun Pyo’s bodyguards come for Jan Di and she makes a run for it. Hiding behind the trees and trying to disguise herself as one *giggle snort giggle*
  • Jun Pyo shows his inability to except rejection or see his own faults as he throws a hissy fit after Jan Di turns him and his makeover down. Firing everyone who worked on the makeover and demanding better people, Jun Pyo shows how immature he still is. I also love the part with the bug and Jun Pyo’s terrified reaction hehehe He really is just a big squishy softy inside and I do believe that this whole scene was the moment that I started to love Jun Pyo *squishes his cheeks*
  • Though I didn’t like Jan Di’s second makeover done by Seo Hyun as much as I liked the first one I still loved her entrance scene into the party. Whilst everyone else is dressed elegantly, I thought Jan Di’s dress was too short to be considered as elegant next to Seo Hyun’s long gorgeous outfit and the puffy jacket thing she wore over the top was just… no *_* I hate puffy/furry anything in general but that is just my opinion. She looked more cute than anything else. What I did love about this scene was the reactions of everyone when she entered the room. Call me a sucker but I love those dramatic entrances where everyone stops to watch and jaws drop. Jun Pyo does not disappoint me with this as he looks like somebody just slapped him with fish :O and I love how he drops the plate and just generally stands in awe. Ji Hoo definitely looks interested when he first sees her and even Yi Jung and Woo Bin can’t help but admit how good she looks.  When Jan Di and Ji Hoo make it to the floor to dance, Jun Pyo’s jealousy is obvious. I started to love me some Green-eyed Jun Pyo, ’tis a sexy look on him ;D


Episode 3


  • Ji Hoo’s love interest is further introduced in this episode and I really do love how she comes across. Min Seo Hyun played by Han Chae Young is beautiful, smart, gentle and altogether very unlike the majority of the rich people in this drama. She fits Ji Hoo perfectly and I can see why he likes her. I also love how she almost instantly clues onto Ji Hoo’s interest in Jan Di, even when he’s not aware of it himself.


  • Jun Pyo pulls more pranks on Jan Di in this episode and I can’t help but laugh along with him as she screams and rants about the ducks in her pool. Nice one Jun Pyo, very mature *shakes head* His laughter is contagious and I love this view of his younger, softer side.


  • Jan Di gets the invitation to Seo Hyun’s birthday and I stare in horror at the cloths her parents make her try on from the dry cleaners. OH THE HORROR! Somebody please call the fashion police O.o My favourite bit from this however is the brother’s timely observation that in movies this would be right about the time the prince would send a dress and what do you know, a dress shows up 😀 I wish that happened every time I had nothing to wear.
  • Another outfit that I love ruined by a furry jacket! This outfit is very similar to the one Jan Di wore to the last party but I think it is without a doubt much classier. Looking good Jan Di 😀 and F4 totally know it.
  • When Seo Hyun makes the announcement she’s leaving my heart just dies for Ji Hoo and it is the first time that we see some real emotion coming out of the usually calm character. The kiss was pretty cute too >.<


  • Jan Di gets drunk and vomits all down Jun Pyo’s front >.< Oh the embarrassment. Who doesn’t love this part, it’s hilarious with a touch of romantic as Jun Pyo comforts Jan Di about Ji Hoo in his own way. And her drunken slaps keke. So why isn’t this in my favourite scenes? One part bugs me and I spend half the scene face-palming. HOW DOES ONE DOWN AN ENTIRE GLASS OF STRAIGHT ALCOHOL WITHOUT REALISING? I don’t know about you but even when I do shots it takes me a moment to get over the throat burn and eye water. Plus it stinks and tastes awful >.< (I have no taste for alcohol)

Gu Jun Pyo Boys Over Flowers Jan Di Throwing Up 2

  • Jan Di’s feelings have definitely begun to sway at this point. And so have mine. Who am I rooting for now? I have absolutely no idea, I spend half my time in this drama swaying back and forth like a swing between Ji Hoo and Jun Pyo.

Favourite Scenes:

  • At the very beginning of the episode when Jan Di and Ji Hoo dance *squee* and the look on her face is priceless. Could she be any happier? My favourite part however is that Jan Di is standing on Ji Hoo’s feet to dance and the inner thoughts show that Jan Di is over the moon and Ji Hoo thinks it would be better if she got off his feet lol lol lol
  • Once again we see Jun Pyo’s terror when it comes to bugs and I just die of laughter everytime. It’s a cricket Jun Pyo, it won’t kill you >.< Jan Di then saves Jun Pyo from drowning after he flails his way into the pool and the concern on the faces of the rest of F4 is just the icing on the cake. I love how absolutely pleased with himself Jun Pyo looks after Jan Di gives him mouth to mouth (despite just being punched in the gob). All of them find it pretty amusing… except one person. Notice Ji Hoo is the only one not smiling O.o



  • Jan Di bandages Ji Hoo’s finger after his string break and then places an umbrella over his violin. I thought this scene was just sweet with Jan Di comforting Ji Hoo and the snowy background. Pretty.


  • The moment when Jun Pyo tries to force a kiss on Jan Di and she struggles against him only to leave him angry and hurt. This moment really pulls on my heart strings for the poor boy but I must say, the height difference is ridiculous >.< bend your knees boy!
  • This is actually a collection of scenes and it all involves Jun Pyo’s evil mother… dun dun DUN! I love how dramatic this is as Jun Pyo calls in F4 as reinforcements and they proceed to turn Jan Di into a rich looking girl. Ooooh Jun Pyo’s mother is so nasty >.< and I love that the rest of F4 seem just as scared of her. Jun Pyo has his vietnam-like flashback about what his mother did when F4 were kids. The rest of F4 start throwing out ideas about what Jun Pyo’s mother might do to him, From shipping him to Alaska to hiring an assassin. We really start to find out what kind of person this woman is. Following this is the auction and I hate Jan Di’s outfit that they put her in D: but I find the runway part funny and Ji Hoo saves Jan Di from Mother Godzilla. (Also can I say how gorgeous that vase was that Yi Jung was meant to have made O.O I WANT)


  • My final favourite scene is between Ji Hoo and Jan Di after Jan Di has thrown her pride away to ask Seo Hyun to stay for Ji Hoo. Ji Hoo hears and confronts her. This part almost broke my heart when Ji Hoo told Jan Di to ‘Get lost’ T_T The pain on both of their faces was hard to bare.

Episode 4


  • One of the things I love about this drama is the soundtrack repeated through out its entirety. My friends and I who had watched the drama went through a period of time where we would randomly start singing “ALMOST PARADISE~” or “Together make it love. Forever making you smile”. It was great fun and the songs were constantly stuck in our heads. This has to be one of the most remember-able soundtracks I have heard to date. I even brought it >.<
  • I loved the added sound effects placed sporadically through the scenes, mostly with Jan Di. From blinking, swallowing to flapping her arms, it made these things more comical.
  • Jun Pyo falls sick during his and Jan Di’s date in this episode and if a sick Jun Pyo doesn’t pull at your heart strings then nothing will. He is just a pathetic ball of cuteness and I love seeing a more vulnerable side to him, it makes me just wanna give him a big hug and nurse him to health. Poor thing >.<


  • When the news about Jan Di and Jun Pyo’s budding relation comes out the student at Shinhwa High School turn from nasty to sickeningly attentive. The scene when Jan Di is surrounded by fawning classmates and is obviously confused and on edge makes me laugh as she tries to fight them off.
  • After Jan Di’s only friend at the school finds out about Jan Di and Jun Pyo we see Jan Di and her head to a club and…. OMG WHAT IS SHE WEARING?!? O.O Jan Di’s outfit was horrible >.< Sure I loved her boots and shorts but the lower half was the only good thing. A… im not even sure what to call it jacket and a turtle neck is just a big no-no in my books. But then again maybe the bitchy friend purposely made her look crappy. Also, when I go to a club I feel hot enough in just my dress, how was she not dying from the heat??

Favourite Scenes:

  • When Ji Hoo decides to follow Seo Hyun at Jan Di’s prompting he then thanks her and gives her a kiss on the forehead. This of course brings out the green eyed monster in Jun Pyo and the look on his face makes me giggle >.< I’m a mean person that likes to see him angry lol. After this we get the awesome scene where Jun Pyo asks Jan Di to date him but that bloody plane goes past at just the wrong moment and she hears nothing *_* Leaving her confused and him looking very pleased with himself.


  • Following shortly after the last scene we see Jun Pyo bust into the cafeteria to demand Jan Di meet him for a date before telling her she’s dead if she’s even a minute late. Of course in true Jun Pyo style he gives her no chance to answer and marches out as fast as he swept in. I love this moment because I think it’s the first time we see Jun Pyo in casual clothes. Boy causal clothes look good on that man… though I have a feeling even a paper bag would look good on him.


  • Jan Di obviously doesn’t take the warning of not being late and four hours after they were meant to meet, finds Jun Pyo waiting frozen in the snow. I love this because it is soooo romantic and shows just how much Jun Pyo cares… or it might just mean he’s a stubborn bastard. But I like to think he’s a total romantic >.< The date that follows is cute despite disaster and I fall even more in love with the couple (If Ji Hoo isn’t careful and comes back soon I may have just moved on from my love of him)

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  • One of the moments which really pulled at my heart strings was the effort that Jun Pyo puts in to change himself for Jan Di only to learn of her supposed betrayal. Straightening his hair, putting on the school uniform and forcing the other two members of F4 to comply he proudly walks into the school before seeing the photos of Jan Di and another man. If I thought these guys were hot before, that is nothing compared to how they look in those uniforms ;D Hot stuff. Why they don’t just wear that all the time is beyond me. And the lollipops! Dies from the cuteness lol

    a14wp6 a20ps1

  • A tiny scene but Woo Bin’s hottest moment so far is when we finally see his gangster side come out as he tracks down the guy who set up Jan Di. There is something about him being all ‘Ill kick your ass’ that is just so… umph! Totally makes up for that dorky dancing scene just moments before.

Episode 5


  • The discovery of Oh Min Ji played by Lee Si Young’s story is a moment where I really think it hits the F4 boys how much damage they have done. The expressions on their faces and their obvious disturbance as Min Ji goes a little off the rails is obvious. Though it always hurts me just that little bit to see how harsh Jun Pyo is on her till  the very end… honest but harsh. Your good people on the inside boys, I know you are *pats them on back*


  • On the other side of the spectrum is Jan Di, who I think is not harsh enough on the girl who put her through so much and almost destroyed her life. However Jan Di is a good person to the core and she quickly pulls the other students into line as they taunt Min Ji for her actions. The look on Ginger, Sunny and Miranda’s faces was PRICELESS and had me going YOU GO GIRL! Those three needed to be taken down a peg or two *bats them over the heads* I was pleased with the two slaps that Jan Di gives Min Ji I must admit (I’ve always wanted to slap someone… that and throw a drink on someone. *shrugs* I love the drama, what can I say) I will admit that Min Ji’s song in the stuffed toy as she was leaving did soften her to me… but still if my best friend had drugged me and set me up, I’d be hanging her from a gum tree by her toes.


  • Ji Hoo makes a startling change upon his return, seemingly taking on the playboy attitudes of Woo Bin and Yi Jung. The scene on the balcony is one that always made me go O.o is he being serious? well is he?!? Asking Jan Di “Am I too late? I was going to ask you to date me.” soon followed by the assurance that he was just joking, he laughs away the awkward moment before once more speaking and suggesting they date on the sly which is once again laughed away. But I do believe that what people say is true, behind every ‘just kidding’ is a grain of truth! The moment he says ‘I missed you.’ as he leaves sways me towards this theory and my heart breaks for him. Also a part of me slaps him up the back of the head and cries BEHAVE!!
  • One thing we all wish would happen to us is to be kidnapped and taken to a beautiful island by a group of handsome men… you don’t? ha yeah right. New Caledonia is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen and the shots of it just make you want to pack your bags and go traveling.


  • The concept of Husband versus Soul Mate is very interesting. I have spoken to a lot of people who think that this indicates that Jan Di would be far happier marrying her soul mate and not her husband but I have never put life partner and soul mate into the same boat. I love the idea that she will love Jun Pyo as her husband but the person she has that unexplainable connection with will be Ji Hoo. My best friend and I consider each other soul mates because we just seem to get each other, doesn’t mean I want to marry her O.o that would be too weird lol. This way Jan Di both gets her cake and eats it 😛 keke nah, it just means that both men are extremely important in her life.
    That fortune teller was freeeeeaky too.


Favourite Scenes:

  • Jan Di is attacked after school by the other students after Jun Pyo believes she cheated on him. Jan Di comes to the realisation that Ji Hoo is no longer around to help her and really considers herself on her own. At this point I was ranting and raging about Jun Pyo being a big ninkenpoop and that I wanted to smoother him with one of his many fur coats but alas, it really seems I cannot stay angry at the man as he comes charging in to save Jan Di. Plus he beats some of them with the fire extinguisher so that gave him extra points. The moment he said he believed her was a moment of part relief and part ABOUT BLOODY TIME JACKASS!!

    vlcsnap457320dn3Jun Pyo comes to his sense

  • Public announcements of affection are always romantic and Jun Pyo proudly announces to the school that Jan Di is his girlfriend and they’re to treat her right. Why are you protesting Jan Di?!? A gorgeous, rich, sometimes smart, sometimes kind man is not only being romantic, he’s protecting you too. *facepalm* what more does she want?
    I love how Ginger, Sunny and Miranda collapse in a heap at this point and the looks of shock all round. Though without a doubt my favourite part is…. *drum roll* Ji Hoo’s return and objection 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 Will never stop smiling. I’VE MISSED YOU JI HOO! DON’T EVER LEAVE AGAIN! *deep breath* okay now that that’s out of the way… Ji Hoo returns to the scene to us more drama and I love him for it. Things weren’t the same without that smile.


  • The dramatic shopping trip as I like to call it, is one of those fun scenes that I love about this drama. Storming into the mall with Jan Di in tow, Jun Pyo orders everyone out before breaking a fire alarm to clear the building. Lucky there were no sprinklers because I don’t know about the rest of the world but in Aus when a fire alarm goes off in a building, sprinklers follow less than a second later.
    I giggled as Jun Pyo tries to fill Jan Di’s suitcase with bikinis  and she fights him off like he’s trying to fill her case with sexy lingerie. It’s fun and the disappointment on Jun Pyo’s face hahaha. I even like the outfit she gets. His? Not so much *_*


  • Finally I love the interactions that are starting to happen between Yi Jung and Ga Eul. One of my favourite couples ever, they are so cute together. However, after what he did to get her to go on the trip with them, if I was her I would have killed him, that perfect gorgeous smile be damned! Showing up at the store and freaking the hell out of poor Ga Eul, Yi Jung plays off that Jan Di is hurt and Ga Eul must hurry or might never get a chance to see her again…. that is just MEAN! I’m surprised she didn’t give him a good walloping when she found out >.<

    Episode 6


  • This episode is spent in New Caledonia and I love how much we get to see Ga Eul and Yi Jung interact. They are so so so cute together  and despite claiming to be completely uninterested in her, he still stalks her all over this island. Yi Jung you’re as bad as bloody Ji Hoo with your “I’m not interested” crap >.<


  • We finally get an explanation for Jun Pyo’s inability to swim and his fear of water. Kidnapped as a child before being stuck in a car when it ended up in a river, I think he has a pretty damn good reason to avoid water like the plague! Don’t worry Jun Pyo, I understand you and don’t think any less of you for it *nods* Last time I got tumbled by a wave at the beach, I crawled to the sand and refused to swim again for days >.<


  • A scene that always bugged my mother was the volley ball game in which the Caucasians and F4 play whilst Jan Di and Ga Eul sit on the sidelines cheering them on. I think this bugged my mother because the girls in our family would never be one to sit out on a game whilst the boys play.  Their decision to sit out might be contributed to what they’re wearing but also to the fact that had they been in on the game the scene that followed between Jun Pyo and Ji Hoo wouldn’t have been able to happen. Jun Pyo’s reaction at this point had me wide eyed and whimpering in sympathy as he stumbles around like a headless chicken. Oy! F4, how can you let a friend go off alone after they’ve almost killed themselves with a volleyball net >.< He is obviously not in his right mind, GO AFTER HIM!


  • After being caught with Ji Hoo and realising she has not only lost Jun Pyo but hurt him terribly, we finally see that the crush that Jan Di once had on Ji Hoo is gone. Jan Di herself also appears to realise where her affections lie as she speaks with Ji Hoo on their balcony and wonder at just how mad Jun Pyo must be, breaking into tears as she affectionately draws his hair and angry expression. Even though what Ji Hoo did was TOTALLY NOT COOL!! I still feel a pang for him because it has become painfully obvious that he has missed his chance.


Favourite Scenes:

  • Jun Pyo and Jan Di go to a small island in New Caledonia where Jun Pyo has a beautiful table and food waiting for them on the beach. DOES IT GET ANY MORE ROMANTIC THAN THAT??!? Your out of your mind if you think so 😛 I really love the beautiful setting of the scene with the pristine waters and white sand. Jun Pyo you are quite the romantic >.< However things turn funny as Jun Pyo leaves the table and begins to strip causing Jan Di to panic and cover her eyes…. O.o sjfhaijfhifhoasjdkjdhfewf WHY? Anyway, we get to check out the gorgeous man that is Min Ho whilst it turns out he has boardies on underneath… not going deny I was a little disappointed there keke ;P
    Jan Di soon gets her revenge with an imaginary snake and Jun Pyo takes off at a hilarious run with screams included >.< Your a real man Jun Pyo.


  • Jan Di goes for a swim and gets a cramp. Ga Eul realises something is wrong and Jun Pyo fights with himself to get in the water. Whilst Jun Pyo is still struggling, Ji Hoo comes to the rescue and carries Jan Di from the water. This scene has me conflicted >.< Whilst Ji Hoo coming to the rescue is blow-up-the-hotness-metre hot, Jun Pyo’s devastation at not being able to save the girl he likes and having to let another guy do it, it breaks my heart. Jun Pyo wonders forlornly down the beach and I just wanna give him a big bear hug and tell him he’ll get the girl so not to worry.
    One thing though… how does Jan Di start drowning in such shallow water. STAND UP GIRL!! *facepalm*


  • Jun Pyo is on a roll with the romantic gestures!!!! Taking Jan Di up in a helicopter he decides to show her his heart… HOW…FRICKIN…ADORABLE…IS THAT!!! Why haven’t I met any guys like this?! Where are they all hiding?? Korea, obviously.

    Jun Pyo's heart

  • One of the saddest moments in this entire drama and one that swayed my heart to Jun Pyo as he catches his best friend and girlfriend kissing T_T I don’t think it gets any more heartbreaking than that. The look of absolute hurt and disbelief that Min Ho manages to portray at this moment is just…. *cradles chest and sobs* Whilst I understand that Ji Hoo was feeling vulnerable at that moment and probably wasn’t thinking straight, I feel like digging a hole in the sand and burying him in it >.< Jun Pyo throws a punch and I felt a little better after that but as he walks away and Ji Hoo tries to stop him, my heart crumbles into ash and blows away because Jun Pyo barely seems to be holding himself together and he’s trying to leave as quick as possible before he breaks down. *cries and hugs laptop screen*


Boys Over Flowers Part 1


The first drama I ever saw was Boys Over Flowers and at that point I knew no actors or actresses, all I knew was one of my favourite K-Pop stars was in a show and I had to watch it. Man am I glad I did O.O This drama is one of my all time favourites and will always hold a special place in my heart, so without further ado…

Drama Summary
Most of us know the story, as the Korean Boys Over Flowers is the third drama take on the popular Manga; Hana Yori Dango. From the first version made in Taiwan in 2001 to Japan’s own Hana Yori Dango and finally South Korea’s Boys Over Flowers, there have been many different takes on the original story and most people will argue which one they think is better but the main plot has never changed. For those of you  who don’t know the storyline here it is:

A simple girl from a common family is thrown in the path of the rich and spoilt as she studies along side them at an elite school before being swept away by a romance of epic highs and heart crushing lows by the richest and most spoilt.
South Korea’s BOF focuses on the story of Geum Jan Di, who enters Shinhwa High School for the rich and pompus after she saves the life of a student who has fallen victim to the school’s infamous F4 and by default the entire student body after having recieved a red card from the group’s leader. As the story hits the media and the school’s reputation begins to suffer, the decision to offer Jan Di a place at the school with a swimming scholarship effectively quiets down the outraged nation. However, Jan Di soon finds out that Shinhwa High School is all about who has the most and nobody has more than F4’s Gu Jun Pyo, Yoon Ji Hoo, So Yi Jung and Song Woo Bin.

Jun Pyo

Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho: is the son of the country’s richest family and the future leader of their multi billion dollar corporation. Rich, spoilt and with a rotten temper, he tramples anyone who gets in his way and never shows remorse for his actions.

Ji hoo

Ji Hoo played by Kim Hyun Joong: the musical prodigy who is the grandson of the former president and Jun Pyo’s closest friend in F4. Despite being apart of F4 he rarely takes part in their childish games of intimidation and is often seen watching from the sidelines. He’s quite, brooding and mysterious.

Ji Yung

So Yi Jung played by Kim Bum: His family owns the country’s biggest Museum and he made his name as a talented potter. Yi Jung is without a doubt F4’s Casanova as he is often seen moving from girl to girl. Finding amusement wherever he can, Yi Jung is shown to be particularly close to Woo Bin and the two of them bring the humour to the group.

Woo Bin

Song Woo Bin played by Kim Joon: Yi Jung’s frequent partner in crime, Woo Bin’s family owns a large corporation which is implied to be not entirely on the level. Often hinted to be linked to the mafia, Woo Bin shows his fighting skills more than once throughout the drama. With the same sense of humour as Yi Jung, he is mostly seen as carefree and extremely loyal.

As for the female protagonist of this drama,
Jan Di

Geum Jan Di played by Ku Hye Sun: Her father runs a dry cleaners whilst her mother works at the public baths. Proud and strong, she rails against the F4 rule over the school, her beliefs and loyalty to her friends often getting her in trouble.

After her only friend at the school becomes the target of Jun Pyo’s temper, Jan Di’s loyalty forces her into action and she quickly catches the attention of Shinhwa High School’s four most popular guys. Whilst Jun Pyo determines to break her, Ji Hoo becomes her saviour and the other two… well they’re just amused by the whole thing. Jan Di quickly develops feelings for Ji Hoo, who unfortunately is still hung up on his childhood love. Meanwhile, Jun Pyo has never met anyone brave enough to defy him and her refusal to submit soon places her firmly in the F4 leader’s heart.

There are many ups and downs along the way, as Ji Hoo chases his first love leaving Jan Di to develop feelings for Jun Pyo who is determined to make her his own. When things don’t work out, Ji Hoo returns to find that Jan Di has begun her relationship with Jun Pyo and he has missed his chance. A deep friendship arises between Jan Di and Ji Hoo, one where he continues to play her guardian angel till the end, his own growing love pushed aside for the happiness of his best friend, helping the couple as they face an evil mother, other love interests, seperation and their own foul tempers

The Ji-Jan-Jun love triangle is not the only tale of romance in BOF with the side story of playboy Yi Jung and Jan Di’s best friend; Chu Ga Eul played by Kim So Eun


This love story is almost as interesting as the one between the main characters and you will quickly find yourself rooting for the playboy-innocent girl couple.

Hello Everyone

My passion for Asian culture has been a part of my life for longer than I can remember. I have always been fascinated by it. That is probably why I have taken such a strong liking to both Japanese and Korean media. I have always wanted to do youtube videos and share my opinion but honestly I have neither the guts or the technological know how to do it. And so this blog will focus on all aspects of these interests, including k-dramas, j-dramas, k-pop, j-pop, k-rock, j-rock and probably many others. I will not only focus on new stuff but work my way through old favourites to the newest hits. I will share my experiences with you, from the simple facts to my own thoughts, feelings and reactions and hopefully won’t bore you to death along the way.

My first discovery of K-Pop happened years ago when I happened to stumble across a video on the internet. Since then I have probably driven my friends mad with it as it has become a common part of my daily life.

It’s strange to think that only 4 short years ago, I knew nothing of Asian dramas and I was wasting my time doing other stuff… like sleeping or studying >.<
I had long been delving into the world of Korean and Japanese culture and my Ipod was over run with all types of Asian music but it wasn’t until I began to uncover the world of kdramas and jdramas that I really began to learn what these countries were all about. My mother has always told me that a country’s beliefs, morals and views are all represented in their media and that the best way to understand a country is to watch what they produce. I have found this to be very true. And so with the hope that I may one day teach in Asia (this being somewhat of a family tradition) I have now consumed more dramas than I care to admit.